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Subaru Engine Conversion

Vanagon Engine Conversion Slideshows!!! Vanagon engine conversion explained.

Why is replacing the stock vw engine so popular? Glad you asked. The late Vanagon stock engine is a water cooled 2.1 liter "waterboxer" engine which develops 90 horsepower and is plagued with issues making it difficult and costly to maintain.
Many folks have figured out ways to work with or around the problems presented by the stock engine. Until hydrogen fuel cells become affordable, I believe that the conversion of the van to Subaru power is a fun and rewarding project. I converted my first, 1990 Multivan over to a 1992 Subaru EJ22 engine a couple of years ago. I truly enjoyed the project and learned a LOT about my van and mechanics.
The 90-94 Subaru EJ22 engines are a good fit in the vanagon, develop 135 horsepower and increase fuel efficiency in the van. I'd call the conversion process fairly simple with the most difficult part for me being the wiring loom splicing.
Herein I've got some different bits of information about the conversion:

menu Subaru Engine Conversion Information - RESOURCE MENU
This allows you to browse the content that I gather as I convert vans and get info from other folks. Contains specs, tips, and references to converting a vanagon over to Subaru power.
PDF Doco Subaru Vanagon Engine Conversion Parts Pricelist
A table of common conversion parts providing pricing information for various vendors. Prices are as of December 2010.
PDF Doco Subaru Engine Troubleshooting
Zipped 1992 subaru pdf manual. Troubleshooting flowchart for walking through diagnosis of engine start/run problems. Page 323 is the General Troubleshooting chart. 269-277 is the Crank but won't start section, 278-313 is troubleshooting with codes, 314-323 is troubleshooting with the select monitor plus (b10 tool)
HTML Doco Subaru Engine Conversion Timeline - October, 2004
An itemized listing of a conversion related timeline. (Contains time estimates for serious coffee drinkers as well as retirees.)
HTML Doco Subaru Engine Conversion Parts and Price Listing - October, 2004
A complete listing of the part descriptions and costs of conversion related bits.
PDF Doco Subaru EJ22 Overview - October, 2004
An Adobe Document providing an overview of design, diagnosis, and overhaul of the Subaru EJ22 motors. Use caution, this document is over 1 mb in size and opens in a pop-up window!!
HTML Doco Q&A on Choosing The Subaru EJ22 for my Vanagons Engine Conversion - September, 2004
Some propoganda regarding why I chose the Subaru engine for my Vanagon engine conversion.
HTML Doco B10 Scan Tool - January, 2009
The popular writeup of the B10 Scan Tool by Vikash Ravi Goel.

Parker (my son) and Kirra (the dog) gaze in unmasked adoration at the subaru engine.

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Subaru Engine Conversion

Why do you need to mess with the wiring? Because the Subaru engine needs to hook up to the Vanagon gauges, get juice from the Vanagon battery (as well as feed the battery from the Subaru alternator).

I consider the electrical wiring work to be the most challenging of all the tasks involved in the engine conversion. But I'm electrically challenged and you'll ikely have a much easier time than I did. The wiring loom adaptation from the Subaru engine to the Vanagon battery and gauges is made much simpler by using a blueprint supplied by Kennedy Engine Performance out of Lancaster, California. Combine that with resources available through the SubaruVanagon group and you'll have everything you need to finish the job.

The Vanagon engine uses an ECU which will be removed. The Subaru uses an ECU computer which I mounted under the rear passenger bench seat, well protected from the weather. Once wired, the Subaru OBDI (onboard diagnostic) system will allow you to hook up a couple of wires in order to read stored codes which can assist in troubleshooting engine problems.

I've attempted to gather some of the information that helped me herein:
PDF Doco Adobe PDF of Subaru to Vanagon Harness Labels
I made up a printout of labels for use in labelling the ends of the wires I was cutting on the harness.
HTML Doco Vanagon Harness Removal
How to safely extricate the Vanagon Engine Wiring Harness from your van (In One Piece).
HTML Doco Subaru Harness Removal
How to extricate the Subaru Engine Wiring Harness from the donor car.
HTML Doco Wire Splicing 101
Basic Training for wire splicing.
HTML Doco Graphic of Subaru EJ22 ECU Schematic
Stock EJ22 ECU Wiring Schematic Image (Large Image 220k).
HTML Doco PAGE 1 - Graphic of Subaru EJ22 Schematic
First Page of Stock EJ22 Electrical Wiring Schematic Image (Large Image 98k).
HTML Doco PAGE 2 - Graphic of Subaru EJ22 Schematic
Second Page of Stock EJ22 Electrical Wiring Schematic Image (Large Image 98k).
HTML Doco PAGE 3 - Graphic of Subaru EJ22 Schematic
Third Page of Stock EJ22 Electrical Wiring Schematic Image (Large Image 98k).
HTML Doco Graphic of Subaru to Vanagon Wiring Routing
Extremely useful image of the wire routing for the harness adaptation.
PDF Doco Adobe PDF of Subaru to Vanagon Wiring Schematic
Same image as above but this time in Adobe Acrobat Format. May be easier for you to view/print (large file 220k).
PDF Doco Adobe PDF of Subaru to Vanagon Wiring Lengths
Shows desired lengths of wiring runs if you position your ECU under the Vanagon rear bench seat as I did. Please note, you don't have to be as long as the doc shows for the AFM.
HTML Doco Idiots Guide to Subaru EJ ECU Codes
Step By Step Instructions on reading, clearing, and understanding your ECU Codes. Includes info on conversion related acceptable codes.
HTML Doco Table Listing of Computer Codes for the Subaru Engines
Error Lookup on the ECU codes that you just read.

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