The Prank Caller

The following epic took place while I was in Australia on business in early 2007.

a series of prank phone calls, some of which lasted 1 hour, were made to my mom on saturday morning by a young girl.
the first call at 2am was about an hour long, the second at 10am, and the last about 11am.

anyway, during the first call, the girl on the phone, who mom said sounded like jayde (my daughter), went on to say that she was at a party and too messed up on meth to make it home and could grandma come and get her.
she later went on to say that she had been pregnant and lost the baby and had somehow been kicked out of school.

to top it all off she said that she had been prostituting to make money.
oh, and both of her parents had abandoned her.
somehow, my mom was sure that she had mentioned family members by name but it's likely that she herself mentioned the names and the girl picked up on it. so anyway, when they called me at the crack of dawn, she was frantic and couldn't reach parker or jayde at the house.

by this time, my brother up in montana, and my neighbors were all involved and very worried.
i called parker and in typical parker style he said that he thought that everything was just peachy but that jayde was off at work.
couldn't reach jayde and so had parker go down there to check her phone to see if anyone had made calls out on it and to make sure she was okay and tell her to call me.
she had to take time off of work as they don't allow calls during work hours there.
jayde had just switched mobile phones so i figured that someone had stolen her old phone to get the names and numbers off of it.
went to the cops with an identity theft claim, jayde went to the phone company with a similar claim, and i instructed my mom to go to the police with the prank call and also the phone company to get an immediate trace.
mom called soon after saying that the third call had just taken place and i told her how to do the star/69 trick.
she got a hold of a woman there in the lahabra area who, after a bunch of questions, explained that her 13 year old daughter had had an overnight party but she wasn't aware of any calls.

to make a long story a little longer, the woman called my mom a couple of hours later saying that her daughter and friends had fessed up and all the involved girls, and their moms, were on the way to my parent's house to apologize.
i had her put me on speaker phone and gave a long sermon on how many lives their prank had affected and that they owed the apology mostly to jayde who they had slandered in the worst way.
they called her soon after and followed through.
what a friggin nightmare.