This story was written to summarize the events that took place during one of the many nights that we worked getting a customer up and online.


Subject: Another All Nighter in the Early Days

It's about 9 in the morning of our second straight day working at Corillian. Paul Gomes and I were diagnosing and fixing problems that our customer, SunTrust Bank, was having after rolling internet banking out to their customers a few nights ago. I was the System Engineer for SunTrust and somehow had been assigned responsibility for being their tech lead, keeping their servers up and running, and providing tech support to boot. Paul Gomes, my working partner, was the oncall engineer who had been dumb enough to let me call him into coming into work a night or so ago. The previous thirty or so hours were a fogbank of terrible problems with the system, everything from failed network devices, unstable host systems causing system failure, and much more load against the systems than we expected. Paul and I had worked straight through but now we were taking much longer to make decisions and the mood was slipping into one of edgy tempers caused by lack of sleep or rest.
Paul entered my office and immediately noticed something was a bit off. My pulse was showing through the veins in my half closed eyeballs.
"Hmm. Maybe we should think about having a cup of coffee and freshen up a bit. Take a little break, whatya say?" He did his best to sound cheerful, even though he was every bit as tired and grumpy as I was.
"COFFEE?!!!!" I screamed, "I don't need any coffee!!!"
Paul stepped back a step or two saying "Okay.....I think one of us needs a little nap. Maybe I'll just go to my office and take a quick nap. You do the same and I'll see you back here in about an hour."
Not waiting for what would surely be my angry response, Paul hurried out of my office and back to his for some well deserved rest.
I couldn't argue, a nap sounded like a great idea and I was grateful for the suggestion as my lifeless body hit the floor of my office and immediately went to sleep.

I woke up as Paul walked back into my office an hour later. A bit of sleep had done me a world of good and my mood was markedly lighter.
"You ready to get back to work now?" I asked Paul, noticing something different about his face.
"Yeah, that bit of rest felt good. I didn't really sleep though.
I looked at him and began to laugh. "You're sure you didn't sleep any?"
"Nope, just a little quiet did me good. What the hell's so funny?" He was a bit irritated to be the brunt of whatever joke I was enjoying.
What he didn't know was that he was sporting a very obvious ETINOSMAS stencil/embossed tattoo across the side of his face. It took me a second or two to realize that he had used his briefcase as a pillow back in his office and that his tattoo was actually the Samsonite emblem, where it had left it's impression on him.

I didn't have the heart to break it to him and just said I felt alot better after a nap as we went back to work.