This letter is from burlap boy.† Things have been really good for me lately because of how many people read the first letter that I sent out by the internet.† Since then, my mom and I have gotten lots of letters from people around the world, but none from the pope or the astronauts yet.† My mom cries and cries when she reads the letters to me.† Donít cry mom, youíll get the letters all wet and the ink will run so that we canít read them anymore. Some of the letters will even have money in them.† I like the ones with dollar bills because they donít hurt when they fall out of the envelope onto my little head under the table.† My mom puts me there because she doesnít want me to roll of the table and have my little head squash on the floor like a ripe melon.† So she puts me and my bag on the floor by her chair.† Sometimes the large coins like quarters and half dollars will fall and bounce off of my little head making little sounds and making my cry.† Mommy sometimes laughs because of the little sounds but then she sees me crying and she starts crying right away. Donít cry mommy.

Anyways, mommy took some of the money from the letters and bought a camera and some hair cream and took my picture.† How do you like it?

Mommy also took some of the money and had our furniture recovered.† We now have a beautiful red velvet couch so that Melissa, our cat can lay† down and not get cold on the floor anymore.† Also, mommy says that Melissa is allergic to the leaves in my bag so weíd better let her stay on the couch.† I like her there, that way she doesnít use me as a scratching post so much.† Mommy always has to scold Melissa when she does that.† Bad kitty, bad kitty.† Then she will cry some more as she puts the kitty back on the big red couch.

And do you know what else we bought with the money?† Of course you donít, how could you?† We bought tickets to go out and visit my little lost sister in Burbank.† It was a long bus trip out there.† Forty three hours I think.† I had a very good view from the luggage rack underneath the bus though.† I screamed when the driver threw somebodyís golf clubs on top of me and my bag though.†† The driver moved the clubs and apologized.† It got cold coming through Utah so I just leaned against the bag to keep my little ears warm.† Mommy dropped me off at the depot and picked me up in Burbank too.† She said that she was sad that she couldnít ride on the bus with me but there was no more room for her† so she had to take a jet airplane.† Donít cry mommy, I wonít be sad in the luggage compartment. Besides, the bus people will let me ride for free down here.† We can save the rest of the money for a puppy.†


When we finally got to Burbank we got to meet my sister for the first time.† She doesnít have a name because they didnít think she would live very long when she was born.† Guess what?† She doesnít have a body just like me!† It was great meeting her.† We spent lots of time together playing, singing, and watching the bugs on the kitchen floor. Sometimes mommy would take the last of the crumbled up chips and dump them on the floor for us to snack on.† I am sending you a picture of my sister, what do you think?


Sheís very pretty even if her bag is a little worn out.† Mommy cried when she saw how worn out her bag is.† She said that we are going to buy new bags and that we will send a new bag to my sister.† She can even pick the color.† Which color would you choose?

Okay, I have to go.† We got some more letters and maybe one of them is from my sister.† Although how she could manage writing Iíll never know.† Maybe mommy could write it for her if she wasnít so sad.† Donít cry mommy.



Burlap Boy.