Brent Weide's Tales 

This site has been setup to provide easy access to a small list of stories that Brent has collected over the years. Some may even be partially true.

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HTML Doco Giving
The gift of compassion returned
HTML Doco Look Up
A very sensitive look at technology
HTML Doco A Big Day At Seaside - Brent's Reluctant Rescue - February 2006
A surfing story.
HTML Doco Cortisone Shot - October 2005
The Cortisone shot and the evil doctor.
HTML Doco Burlap Boy - Part I
A story about a young boy and his mom.
HTML Doco Burlap Boy - Part II
Burlap Boy gets a kitty.
HTML Doco Burlap Boy - Part III
A story about a young troubled boy grown up, his mom, and their dreams come true.
HTML Doco Arky, The Madman Racer - June 2005
Arky, a good friend shows off his prowess in driving and handling security guards.
HTML Doco San Jose After Dark - April 1999
What are two white bread men doing in the bad part of San Jose in the middle of the night?
HTML Doco Crestar All Nighter - April 1998
A bit dry, an all nighter implementation in the early days of Cori.
HTML Doco New Zealand Visa Tale - August 2001
A group of friends spend 13 years in New Zealand waiting for their visas.
HTML Doco Paul Gomes Tattoo - April 1998
Paul gets a brand new Samsonite tattoo.
HTML Doco Tavarua - 1982
A good day of surfing in Fiji.
HTML Doco Pretty To Me - April 2007
I was explaining my concept of attractive to a good friend the other day and recorded my thought here.
HTML Doco Pirate Fish - April 2007
Besides irritating my mom, my reasons for getting a tattoo are recorded herein.
HTML Doco Prank Caller - March 2007
A nightmarish day is the result of someone's idea of a joke.
HTML Doco Bull Run River Kayaking Drama - June 2008
A springtime run-off on the Bull Run River provides my brother and I with some thrills.
PDF Doco Hillwalk, Scotland - September 2010
A summary of my walk up Ben Vorlich.
PDF Doco The Wrestler - 1969
Reprint of a poem written by Elnora Osburn for Bruce Weide in 1969.
This information is posted for use by friends and family of Brent Weide.
If you copy and sell these stories to Hollywood and get rich off of me, I'll have to track you down and give you a stern talking-to!